Lux International grows by +5% in global revenue and +50% in profits completing the best year in its corporate history

Freitag, 27 April, 2012

Lux International grows by +5% in global revenue and +50% in profits completing the best year in its corporate history

Following the strong growth in sales revenue of 2010, the Lux Group was able to increase its group sales also in 2011 with a solid growth of +5%. 2011 was in several aspects a very successful year for the Lux Group, as confirmed by its co-owner and CEO, Reto von der Becke:

“In 2011, Lux International was able to complete the best year in our corporate history since 1999, when the company was acquired by our family from Electrolux. We were able to further grow our top line sales revenue in an overall demanding environment, and to increase our profits by more than + 50% compared to the already strong results achieved in 2010. In 2011, a solid development of the sales volume was combined with a sustainable effort to further optimise the company’s cost and margin structure across countries and sales divisions. With all regions and business divisions contributing solid profits, Lux International enters 2012 as a company with a financial strength it has never had before."

One highlight was the continuing successful development of our traditional region Europe West, which includes Germany, Austria and Switzerland. With all countries delivering solid sales results, the region achieved a new record in profits earned, positioning itself as one of the most profitable regions of the group. Similar excellent developments in terms of sales and profits in Norway and Italy confirm the continued potential to deliver solid results also in traditional Lux core markets in Western Europe. Another highlight of 2011 was the impressive performance of operations in Hungary. Realising a growth result of close to +10% and closing the year on a record level of profits, Lux Hungary, led by Executive Vice President Janos Koos, was awarded with the prestigious Company of the Year award. Delivering its 19th year of growth in 20 years of operation and receiving the Superbrand award for the second time, Lux Hungary continues to be the best example of the strong position Lux has across the region of Central & Eastern Europe.

The emerging markets operations of Lux continued to prosper in 2011. With growth rates of +18% in Central & South America, +11% in South Africa and +10% in Asia Pacific, all these markets continue to increase their weight and importance in a healthy way within the Lux Group. Lux International is well positioned to benefit from additional growth potentials in its existing core markets in Europe as well as in emerging markets such as Asia, Latin America as well as Africa.

Towards the end of 2011 the company successfully started sales operations in Australia and New Zealand with a strong local partner. Entering 2012, Lux International is presented in 35 countries across the globe and on all continents except North America, with the ambition to expand this global presence to 40 countries by 2016.

2011 was also a year of new product innovations. Besides launching a number of new products, such as the new ironing station Lux Aerostar, or the new industrial vacuum cleaner Lux Powerprof, Lux International also continued its healthy home strategy, starting new product divisions in existing core markets including Norway, Italy, Hungary or Austria. Today, all Lux operations across the globe sell our Lux home cleaning systems, but only some of the company’s organisations sell other product lines, such as Water, Air, Professional or Gourmet. Expanding these product divisions to all our markets over the next coming years will be an attractive opportunity.

Since introducing the world’s first household vacuum cleaner back in 1912, Lux International has been able to consistently pioneer new technologies in effective and healthy household cleaning. We are therefore very proud to celebrate in 2012 the 100 year anniversary of the Lux cleaning system.

Lux International is a privately owned company based in Zug, Switzerland. Since 1901 Lux is one of Europe’s leading direct sales companies and today operates in 35 countries across the globe, with a mix of fully wend subsidiaries and exclusive national distributors. Its sales volume is exceeding $200 Million, and together with its partners from the "Lux Partnership Alliance", Eureka Forbes India and Forbes Lux Group Switzerland, this group of leading direct sales companies has for the first time realised a joint turnover of over $500 Million in 2011.

The company’s International Executive Management Board is led by its Co-Owner and Group CEO Reto von der Becke. Additional Members of the Executive Management Board are CFO Urs Meier, the Executive Vice Presidents Janos Koós and Frank Gustavsson and the Company’s Chief Technical Officer Stefan Bucher. The Supervisory Board is led by the company’s main owner and Chairman Reinhard von der Becke, together with its Directors Rüdiger Giebel, Suresh Goklaney and Group CEO Reto von der Becke.


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